The good cook

“All culinary tasks should be performed with reverential love, don’t you think so ? To say that a cook must possess the requisite outfit of culinary skill and temperament  – that is hardly more than saying that a solider must appear in uniform. You can have a bad solider in Uniform. The true cook must not only have these externals, but a large dose of general world experience. He is the perfect blend, the only perfect blend of Artist and philosopher. He knows his worth : he holds in the palm the happiness of mankind, the welfare of generations yet unborn………..If she drinks a little, why it is all to the good. It shows that she is fully equipped on the other side of her duel nature. It proves that she processes the prime requisite of an artist: sensitiveness and a capacity for enthusiasm. Indeed, I often doubt whether you will ever derive well flavoured victuals from the atelier of an individual who honestly despises or fears  – it is the same thing – the choicest gift of god”

South Wind
By Norman Douglas

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