Pomegranate, fennel and toasted pinenut salad.


This is hardly a recipe.

But, it is a quite pleasing little number of a salad and one which certainly cheered me up no end yesterday, a day blighted by gloomy weather (where is mr blue sky when you need him), a pending cold and a serious case of Monday blues.

The stars of this salad are without a doubt the glistening, jewel like, deep, wine ruby- red flesh covered seeds of a pomegranate which never cease to amaze and delight me. I take equal delight in the mildly laborious and fiddly work required to separate and then eat the sweet, sharp, pleasingly astringent gems. I have heard you can peel and separate the seeds while the pomegranate is submerged under water to prevent unruly splatters – boh, what, make them all watery!, I for one like unruly splatters.

Alongside the gem like stars, the special guests- soft salad leaves (lambs lettuce would be top of my list but whatever looks nicest and freshest is your best bet) provide a comfortable bed for co-stars– slivers of fennel and a handful of pine nuts gently toasted in a heavy pan until golden and fragrant. All this is tossed in your favorite, simple oil and vinegar dressing.

Happy Tuesday to you.

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One response to “Pomegranate, fennel and toasted pinenut salad.

  1. So seasonally beautiful, and a welcome respite to all of the heavy foods we crave this time of year.

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