Hot gooey chocolate puddings.






Put them all together, the order isn’t really important

Pudding gooey chocolate hot

chocolate hot pudding gooey

puddling not chocolate goose

or Hot gooey chocolate pudding

I think the title of this recipe says it all really. Served hot from the oven like little chocolate volcanoes, these puddings are soft and cakey on the outside, the surface just beginning to crack, but inside they are filled with the steaming molten lava of hot chocolate goo.


I make these all the time, not just because they are all the above and delight just about everyone, but because they are stupidly easy to make and can be prepared long before your guests arrive. Once you are feeling nearly ready for dessert, you pot-up and then slide them in the oven, 12 minutes later you manoever the steaming pots to the table and the awaiting spoons.

I usually dig straight in, I do have an asbestos mouth though, hitting the lava head on. Vincenzo on the other hand waits a while so the liquid center cools a little and transforms into a soft fudgy cream.

I always make a pot for everyone and then a couple more just in case. But these little pots do not seem to provoke civilized behaviour and more often than not precipitate an unruly group spoon clatter as cutlery is plunged into the nearest pot scattered on the table. We pause every now and then, claiming we can’t eat another mouthful only return to a pot 5 minutes later for another spoonful.

In case you think I was being rude about Nigellaesque groans, I wasn’t, I mean that would be very ungracious considering this is her recipe.

Hot gooey chocolate puddings

From Nigella Lawson’s How to eat. Makes 5 pots.

  • 125g best quality dark chocolate
  • 125g unsalted butter
  • 3 large eggs
  • 150g caster sugar
  • 35g plain flour
  • extra butter and flour for the ramekins.

Break the chocolate into small pieces, dice the butter and put them in a bowl suspended over a pan of simmering water to gently melt. Whisk every now and then until both are perfectly melted.

In another bowl gently whisk the eggs and stir in the sugar and flour.

Gradually and gently whisk the melted chocolate and butter into the egg mixture. Allow the mixture to rest a while – it will happily sit for 3 or 4 hours.

Once you are nearly ready for pudding set the oven to 200.°

Rub the insides of the ramekins with butter and dust with flour. Divide the mixture between the 5 ramekins and put them on a baking sheet.

Bake them for 10 – 12 minutes or until the edges are set and the tops are nearly firm and cracking a little but you can still see a spot of the molten center.

Serve immediately with some very cold cream which people can pour in the steaming chocolate volcano if they so wish.


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41 responses to “Hot gooey chocolate puddings.

  1. elp

    what lovely desert recipes you’re posting!

  2. bakingforthecure

    This looks divine!

  3. wow! so elegant and i could jump in and get chocolate on my face right now.

  4. Elissa

    Oh my gosh, I made this the other night and everyone loved it! It was absolutely delicious! Best recipe for chocolate lovers.

  5. Christine

    Wow! That looks so good! I just discovered your site on the main page… haha.. totally conflicts with my own blog on fitness. I’m going to have to seek out some of your healthier recipes. Yummy!!

  6. Pingback: ripe cherry chocolate puddings. « wabi wabi

  7. Christine

    I made these last night – what a hit! They were awesome. Thanks so much for the recipe and will certianly be making them again 🙂

  8. Hi! I was searching for this recipe and stumbled upon your blog. I like what I found! Will let you know how my chocolate pudding turn out, and will definitely come back for other recipes!

    Regards from Malaysia

  9. Tereas Smith

    what can I used instead of ramekins

    • rachel

      Hello Tereas,

      I also use small porcelain bowls and if I am making a large quantity I use little disposable aluminum pots that you buy in kitchen shops. I imagine you could use any small bowl as long as you rub it with butter and dust with flour.

  10. Jack Etsweiler

    Newbie question: ingredients are in metric units, what about the temperatures? Is that 200C or 200F? I guess C, although I braise pork for many hours at 200F or below, so it’s not (one hopes) an entirely-stupid query. Lovely blog – best wishes for a happy and event-filled 2012!

  11. lovely dish.perfect for cold winter evenings…… your blog but do noy know where to sign up.

  12. sorry….managed to figure out where to sign up!

  13. Lili thresa

    Simple steps, easy to make… And the taste is magnificent… Thanks for posting

  14. Shelly, NZ

    I used peppermint dark chocolate, was an awesome dessert and everyone really enjoyed

  15. Stop right now. This is quite possibly one of the best ‘desserts for effort’ I have ever made. Thank you Rachel and Nigella.

  16. Nusaybah

    I am looking forward to making these as they look gorgeous and I adore chocolate. Thank you ever so much for this beautiful recipe Rachel and Nigella.

  17. Rachel

    It was lovely and I’m goingto make it again tonight although if rich dark chocolate is not your cup of tea, i would recommend milk chocolate. Its just as nice or maybe even better in my opinion.

  18. Jq Cookie

    Hi.. Erm.. I was just asking if we could use microwave to do this?

    • rachel

      I have never tried! I’m not sure to be honest, but I suspect not as the rising in the oven is vital. Try asking over a Nigella Lawsons sites as it is her recipe.

  19. Katherine

    I have made these before and agree they are fantatsic for a speedy yet delicious special occasion pudding – my question is whether you could incorporate fruit eg mulberries – I am thinking I could put some uncooked mulberries in the bottom of each ramekin, before pouring over the chocolate mixture, do you think it would work, or would you make a compote first and put that in the bottom of the dish? Thanks very much!

    • rachel

      Hi katherine,

      Well the idea is brilliant! However I am not sure. I suppose, considering the nature of the pud (cakye outside, soft within) a compote at the base might confuse things and possibly interfere with the volcano effect. I’d try adding a few uncooked berries to each pot, even stirring them directly into the mixture! You could do a 50% with berries 50% without just in case. I bet a pot of compote passed around the table with the cold cream would go down a treat! Hope this is helpful Rx

  20. vyapak

    wow tastes really good
    nice recipe
    i feel like master chef

  21. Fabulous dessert for a New Year’s Eve celebration. So very easy and delightful. Is there anything better on a cold dark late December evening than your Gooey Puddings? I think not! Happy New Year.

  22. I’ve discovered your blog just less than a week, and pleasantly scanned your archive of recipes and fell on this one of the, ” Hot Gooey Chocolate Pudding” It seemed so easy to make I had to try, even my eight year old daughter assisted; she sat with me on the floor as we watched through the oven door as they baked! The temperature at 200 degrees wasn’t enough for my stove. I went as far as 250 for an additional 10 mins. At which point the batter transformed itself twice its volume. I had used half dark chocolate and half semi sweet chocolate. Though you mentioned they were desirable when hot, I admit the day after they were even more delicious. As one of your readers had suggested I will have to try a small puree of mixed fruit at the bottom of the ramekin for my next time. This will undoubtedly become a family favourite! Thanks for sharing.

  23. John

    Just made this as a practice for NYE. How easy was that? Amazing. I can’t believe how simple they were to make!

  24. Viki Gilbert

    Omg!!! I made these for the first time for my foodie friends ! As usual I was nervous having made a large meal and half expecting them to refuse because they were full. I nipped to the kitchen popped them in the preheated oven, having made the mixture hours before, and left them in exactly 11 mins ! There was no sound until the last mouthfuls were eaten -it was amazing to watch! My friend still tells me that they are the best choccie puddings EVER!!!!!!! Thank you so very much for sharing
    Ps I managed to get 6 out of mixture

  25. Pamela Bernards

    Probably a silly question but what size are the ramekins?


  26. Probably a silly question but what size are the ramekins?

  27. longblack

    Hi, could i make these a day or 2 ahead & let them sit in the fridge until I am ready to cook them?

    • rachel

      So sorry to take so long, I seen to have lost comments. These can be made a day in advance and kept in the fridge, best Rachel

  28. Jasmine

    Hi Rachael

    I have a slight problem after I make these, The after taste is a bit dry in my tongue. I followed all instructions.

    Also, nigella website has two eggs. You have three. Is this causing the issue I have?


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