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11 responses to “Red.

  1. wrightfood

    fan-bloody-tastic photography. so alive.

  2. gorgeous. i love the strawberries in italy. they actually look normal and not on steroids like the ones here in the us

  3. BEAUTIFUL! I love that gingham apron.

  4. rachel

    rebekka – i love the apron too and the lady in it aka my Mum

  5. Rosie

    Ciao Rachie
    After a week of lovely spring sunshine London is grey grey, rainy rainy so I am going home tonight to cook your February entry cottage pie sans meat. Bring it on. I agree, your apron looks gorgeous.

  6. What’s waiting for you in the covered bowl?

    Everything loving.

  7. rachel

    Heidi, it’s caponata for the 3rd time in as many weeks – I made it with my Mum so it seemed even more delicious than usual.

  8. laura

    those poppies were just what I needed! WOW!

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