Peas, broad beans, asparagus, rocket and a green lunch.

Apart from some outrageously red, ribbed tomatoes which will be perfectly delicious by tomorrow and some slightly less delicious looking potatoes sprouting away in the basket since I hate to think when, the kitchen is all very green at the moment.

Peas, broad beans, asparagus, artichokes, peppery spring rocket, spring spinach…..Vincenzo is convinced he is just a little green of skin tone at present.


Actually, he is a little green, but that’s nothing to do with all the green vegetables and everything to do with the fact his dark Sicilian skin is protesting at the long, wet, cold Roman winter by looking just a little green. My freckles and I find his skin tone endlessly amusing, nearly as amusing as he will find my pinkish tones when we go to Sicily in the summer.


I wish I had some impressive recipes for you but the truth is it has all be very very simple around here lately. But then with vegetables this green, young, tender and fresh, simple feels the only way.

We made this again but otherwise a very large proportion of the peas were eaten straight from the pod or steamed with some mint and then doused in butter and piled generously beside some thick slices of roast chicken. The broad beans met with a similar fate, some in that and the rest liberated from their furry pods and enjoyed with lumps of salty Pecorino Romano. We will be enjoying this combination again today as it is traditional in Italy to celebrate the 1st of May over vast, abundant picnics which include tender fave (broad beans) straight from the pod with chunks of piquant Pecorino Romano


These handsome asparagus spears were bought with a risotto in mind, but never even sniffed so much as a grain of Carnaroli. A good steaming and good dousing with olive oil before being devoured with bread and a really lovely pinot grigio was their tasty fate.

We paired the rocket in all its peppery brilliance with soft, earthy, cannellini beans and dressed this neat pair with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and coarse salt.

Delicious combination. I think this will make a fine sidekick for my next big fat juicy bistecca Fiorentina.


I did make something nice pea soup inspired by a this lovely recipe, it fitted my weekly criteria perfectly in that it was green and simple, delightful is the right word I think.

It is a pretty straightforward recipe in that you shell your peas and then make a stock by simmering the pods, a courgette, on onion, and carrot and plenty of parsley stalks for about 20 minutes. You then saute a finely chopped onion in generous blob of butter, add your peas, stir and then cover with strained stock and let everything bubble away for about 5 minutes. Finally you season and then wizz the soup up into a thick, velvety creamy gloop (adding more stock if necessary.)


I ate some of the soup just so for lunch yesterday and then we had the rest for lunch today. I added some fresh tiny ditalini pasta and plenty of freshly grated Parmesan, it was deliciously green.

We ate more asparagus with slivers of pecorino to follow.

Then we turned green..


Not really. All in all it was a lovely green week and sunny to boot.

Quite looking forward to the red tomatoes though.


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6 responses to “Peas, broad beans, asparagus, rocket and a green lunch.

  1. Beautiful! I especially like the idea of peas steamed with mint and then doused in butter. Hmmmm. My wheels are turning now…

  2. you are the ultimate in food porn to me. the colors always pop and the simplicity makes me yearn to be at the table w/ you. plus, i feel you are a kindred spirit b/c i, too, have freckles that are starting to come out by the millions now that the sun is out again. the prob. is my husband is english and his skin will take a LONG time to get a bit bronzed. your sicilian hubby prob. looks tanner now than mine does at the end of august.

    i love green.

  3. Green is my favorite color to decorate with and to eat. That is my kind of dinner….

  4. You have there perhaps the most perfect group of ingredients ever. LOVE fresh peas, love love love broad beans (even if they are a pain), talk about a fabulous plate of food there.

  5. “Sicily in the summer”. “Big fat juicy bistecca Fiorentina”. Color me green.

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