Sunday lunch in pictures…..

Well, some of it at least. The lunch went something like this ;

bread, roasted red peppers, caponata, parma ham, olives

aubergine parmesan

roast lamb, pan fried potatoes with sage

green salad


eton mess

chocolate cake

a doze in the garden……



red peppers

parma ham


lamb 2




cheese eaten



eton mess

cake of choc


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12 responses to “Sunday lunch in pictures…..

  1. Fantastic pictures, per usual. Wow.

  2. Oooo….I could stay staring all morning….

    Parma ham shot is Glorious.

  3. holy mother f*******. i really want to go on about food porn here. i want to say something really not P.C. when it comes to what i’m thinking as i look at these pictures. but i’ll keep it to myself. i don’t want to look unladylike 😉


  4. Amazing. That meal would be in the running for my last supper. Anchovies, olives, potatoes, cheese, chocolate, berries – just perfect.

  5. Can I come for lunch;)

  6. Those little anchovies are so pretty!

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  8. Lucky all who enjoyed this lunch.

    Prosciutto never looked so sexy.

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