Before I go…..

Take 5 things;




Mozzarella di Bufala



basil for caprese

Extra virgin olive oil

olive oil



Slice, tear, arrange, sprinkle, pour…….

Insalata caprese


I am off to Umbria tomorrow so see you in a week or so.


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10 responses to “Before I go…..

  1. What a perfect idea for today, and I’ve got the ingredients, except my tomatoes are those little plum cherry kind.

    I was reading also the post where your daughter wanted rabbit. Good to indulge her. Hard to be pregnant in the heat of a Med summer.

    • rachel

      I think the little plum Tomatoes work just as well as slices – the taste rather than the shape is important.
      It is indeed very hard to be pregnant in mid July, – fortunately the pregnant tummy is not mine but my friend Lisa’s – lisa and I were happy to indulge the bump though.

  2. Look at your tomatoes (and seller of toms).

    LOOK at your salad.

    So jealous I could cry. Almost. Have a great trip – we went to Umbria before Rome. Loved Assissi and Trevi.

  3. facciamo il bis

    I just stumbled upon your blog in a desperate search to find out what bottarga di tonno is (thank you for the answer by the way). I’m headed to Italy in the fall and I was trying to translate some menus and look what I found! This is wonderful!

    I’m looking forward to taking some time this weekend and browsing through all this.

  4. My absolute favorite.

  5. I’m of the opinion that you can only get good looking tomatoes from the Mediterranean – and those tomatoes are gorgeous!

  6. Just got a recommend to check out this site. This is one of my favorite salads of all time. I also like to add some prosciutto slices to this, or a roasted pepper, or use smaller tomatoes and toss it all with pasta. I’m salivating at that photo of the mozzarella being pulled.

    Enjoy your trip so I can envy you a lot.

  7. That salad looks just divine. It makes me miss Italy so much, and sad that in Australia we don’t get such produce, and even when we do import it, its just not the same as freshly made over there

  8. Wow….Memories from the Amalfi. Unfortunately, in Sydney, the mozarella di bufala is nowhere near as good as over there, and even the imported stuff, altthough nice and creamy, just isn’t as fresh….I can keep dreaming that I will be there very soon again….

  9. Janine

    You are amazing! What a great blog!! I think I’ll come here instead of calling my mother for recipes … acqua in bocca.


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