C is for Chestnut

This is just some of our chestnut (marroni) bounty. It’s the nicest present anyone has given me for ages.

I have cunning and maybe rather overly optimistic plans for the other 3 kilo’s. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the marathon boiling, peeling and cursing session that lies between me and my chestnut patè, soup, stuffing, purèe and hush….marron glacès….. but I know it will be worth it whatever I end up making

Anyway to start, to ease ourselves gently into our chestnut feasting, we roasted some. In the absence of an open fire or a clever chestnut pan we simply cut a cross on the flat side of each nut – I have a special little chestnut knife with a stumpy curved blade – sprinkled them with water and roasted them in a hot oven until the skin started curling away and the chestnuts were soft and tender, about 25 minutes.

We ate them after Saturday lunch, perfect with the end of the Chianti and before the clementines and chocolate.

It was all rather festive and dare I say it……… Christmassy. This took me by surprise as I’ve been feeling ever so cynical and mildly bah humbug lately. Clearly chestnuts are good for my spirits, or maybe it’s just red wine at lunchtime.

Anyway, must get peeling.


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6 responses to “C is for Chestnut

  1. Looks like fun and I like your clementines and chocolate finish–perfect! I have some satsuma mandarins. I just need to make a chocolate run.

  2. theordinarycook

    Ooh I love chestnuts but don’t envy you the job of peeling the little blighters. Good luck and I look forward to seeing some of the results soon.

  3. We have polenta leftovers from Sunday…it will be followed by chestnuts, clementines and chocolate tonight, because, I think…how could it not?

    • rachel

      Actually I thought of you when I wrote about the 4 C’s..

      • 🙂

        It was late when we had supper last night, so no chestnuts for us. However, we did drink a nice Primitivo. Clementines were eaten with lunch. And, I, a nice piece of dark chocolate mid-afternoon.

        Tonight, chestnuts.

  4. traveleatlove

    I am doing a chestnut stuffing tonight, I just love them!

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