This week

You already know about Monday’s lunch, the pasta e broccoli followed by three clementines each; Tuesday’s solitary one, an rumpled omelette (they should never be neat I am told) with a large blob of ricotta di pecora and my new favourite, fennel and orange salad; Wednesday, more pasta e broccoli with the rest of the ricotta stirred in, a delicious revelation which I may need to write more about; Thursday, Vincenzo made gnocchi which we ate with tomato and butter sauce and lots of parmesan; Today, Friday we had a potato and wild mint frittata with some nice bread from Passi and another fennel salad.

Oranges on a chair.



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14 responses to “This week

  1. I like your oranges on a chair. I never see oranges sold with their leaves, only satsuma mandarins…

  2. 1. the yellow of that omelette.
    2. those fabulous gnocchi all plump and mmmmm
    3. thinking about wild mint in the middle of winter

    all these things make me smile. can you adopt me? i’m all grownsed up and can bath myself and i clean up well!! please? pretty please?

  3. Steve

    Broccoli and ricotta are awesome together, with or without pasta; try adding a little lemon zest, or subbing rapini for the broccoli. Yum!

  4. Those photos are making my tummy rumble…off to have myself some yummy spaghetti alla puttanesca – guess who’s recipe?! 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. A man who makes gnocchi is a good one to have around.

  6. hmmm, maybe someday you could post a recipe for gnocchi? I’ve made it just twice, once it was great, the other not so good. I bet yours is wonderful.

    • rachel

      I will, very soon because our friend has just given us a great recipe and some
      lessons…. we are in a gnocchi phase . Vin is the pro, I just watch.

  7. Oh it all looks so good, but that omelette with ricotta does it for me and with a fennel salad too, I would have to be alone for that one as the other half is repulsed by the very notion of fennel.

    • rachel

      Lots of people feel like that, I should be, I don’t really like aniseed but I adore fennel.
      Maybe because the fennel is so sweet and crisp here.The Italians do lots of nice things with it too.
      Very cold here, wish I had an aga.

  8. It was a very good week. 🙂

  9. Looks like a delicious week – gnocchi is on my ‘must learn to make list’ so looking forward to the lesson…

    I was just looking at Smitten Kitchen and saw that you got a mention – very exciting!


  10. what a stunning site. so glad to have found you (also via smitten). thanks for making me crave…well, everything!

  11. Morning, noon or night – an omelet always feels right. What lovely ricotta you have.

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