There on the chair

December 30 2009 – January 28th 2010

I am trying and failing to finish a post about walnuts. Until I do, here are the there on the chair pictures from the last month. Ridiculous? Nice? Ridiculous and nice at the same time? I’m not really sure. The photo’s do make us look like vegans, which we aren’t (although many of our meals are almost vegan because thats the nature of much of the southern Italian food we love) Next month I might snap some trippa, lardo and gorgonzola on the chair just to balance things out.

For me, it’s the oranges from Sicily. January you give us post-Christmas slumps, tight purse strings, short days and long cold nights, oh yes, and rain too, this year lots of rain, but you also give us oranges. January all is forgiven.


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18 responses to “There on the chair

  1. Tsk tsk! There is nothing wrong with vegans. =) I get much inspiration from your writing, please keep it coming. And the photos are beautiful.

    • rachel

      Windy city Vegan,
      I’m Sorry, that clearly sounded clumsy and rude and I didn’t mean it that way at all, at all.
      I think I need to ammend that line. It was careless comment especially considering many of our meals are virtually vegan
      as is lots of the Southern Italian food we love. Vincenzo does not eat meat by the way.
      Apologies and I am glad to have you here.

  2. Your “on the chair” pics are amongst my favorites! I am trying the lemon dessert this weekend. Rather ambitious of me as I don’t do pastries. I certainly eat them, I just don’t bake them. I’ll let you know how it goes – or doesn’t, as the case may be!


  3. I’m glad you did ‘There on the chair’. It reminded me that I wanted to tell you that for my birthday dinner last night Roberto and I went to our favorite french restaurant (in Baltimore, that is). And, I, for the first time in all my many years of existence had poached pairs with créme fraîche. It was only 37 years in the making. It was good, but I can’t help but think that yours taste far better. I know this because the color of the pears on my plate looked rather anemic. Anxious for the walnut post…

  4. Gorgeous pictures…I like…

  5. Hello gumboots.

    I’m very pleased you’ve had rain.

    Those pears, in the pail, are my fave. Truth be told, it’s a marvellous chair and I am coveting both it and your winter light.

  6. That chair is one of my favourite chairs.

  7. They’re lovely! The crazy cauliflower and clementines/boots are my favs…

  8. suz

    I love the “on the chair” pictures. It makes me desperately wish for moer days where I can open the backdoor and let the light in! (Unfortunately in my neck of San Francisco most summer days are filled with fog and I have to content myself with a few spring & falls days!)

    Good luck with the walnut post, I’m sure it will be lovely when you’re done with it.

    • rachel

      Thankyou suz
      Fog in san Francisco noooooo, you have shattered my fantasy, it won’t stop me coming though.
      By the way, It’s really cold in our flat with the door open.

  9. my fsve is the one w the wellies next to the chair. oh, how i miss Roman broccoli. x shayma

  10. please don’t go vegan on us. of course there’s nothing wrong w/ vegans, but, seriously, don’t do it. lol. just like vegans want to read about vegan stuff, i want to read about everything (meat, fish, veggie, etc.)

    the thing is veggies really are so beautiful. you captured it. in their raw form, they are works of art. i love these pics – but bring on the non vegan stuff too. looking forward to some tripe and lardo (as you could guess)!

  11. Dea

    Hi Rachel,
    lovely blog, so glad to have stumbled on it.
    I live in Sicily and we have beautiful vegetables and fruit here as you can imagine. I love to cook, read about coooking and love food photography so I consider myself fortunate to have found your lovely blog. Btw, you are so fortunate to be able to purchase kale in Rome. One of the photos above is of
    dinosaur, or lacinato kale. I absolutely can’t find it here in Sicily, too far south. So I always get my fill when I go home to the states about twice a year.
    Ciao 🙂

    • rachel

      Hi Dea
      Lucky you – living in Sicily that is. Vincenzo is from Sicily so we come quite often but it doesn’t stop me wishing I lived in palermo.
      Dinosaur kale – what A wonderful name, i didn’t know that so thankyou.

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