I knew I’d like making and eating these olive oil crackers Lucy wrote about last week.

You roll out walnut sized nuggets of flour, water and olive oil dough really really thinly until you have these opaque, almost transparent, long, thin, beautifully misshapen things. You brush each one very generously with olive oil and sprinkle it with coarse salt before you bake them until they are pale gold, crisp, blistered and curling at the edges

I have made these crackers three times this last week and we (with lots of nice company) have been eating most of them straight from the oven, brushed with more olive oil while they are still warm, crack, crunch, warm oily shards. Especially delicious with black olives, red radishes, very white ricotta and a glass of this.

You will know how thin ‘thin is‘ after a few goes (my first batch were a bit chunky – we still ate them) and if like me you have a small oven, a small baking tray and therefore no choice but to cook the crackers in small batches, you will quickly get the hang of cooking times.

Olive oil crackers

From Ottolengi via Lucy’s Nourish Me, one of my favourite blog haunts

Sift 250g of plain flour a teaspoon of baking powder into a large bowl and make a well in the center and pour in 125ml of water and 2 tablespoons of olive oil, then using your hands bring the ingredients together into a dough and knead it until it is smooth. Wrap the dough in a tea towel and let it rest in the fridge for an hour or so.

Set the oven to 220°/ and line a baking tray with grease-proof paper.

Lightly dust your work surface and hands with flour. Pull off a walnut sized lump of dough and roll it into little sausage between your palms, then dusting with more flour as you work, roll the dough into a long, very thin, misshapen tongue on the floured board before laying it onto the lined baking tray.

Brush each length of dough generously with olive oil and sprinkle with some coarse sea salt like Maldon.

Put the tray in the preheated oven for 6 – 8 minutes. You need to keep an sharp eye on the timer and the crackers as they cook. They will, crisp, blister, curl at the edges and go very a pale golden colour (deep golden brown is too much). When they are ready, pull the tray from the oven and slide the crackers onto a wire rack. Cook the next batch.

The crackers will keep in a tin for a couple of days but I think they are best eaten still warm and brushed with more olive oil.

Last thing

As you can see, I didn’t finish that post, and after that rather grand announcement too, I feel a bit foolish. I am going to make the same recipe again on Saturday so we will see. Come to think of it I haven’t really finished anything this week, it’s been a tricky one and I am certainly not writing and posting as much I’d like too, I hope that will change in the coming weeks.

It feels a bit like spring in Rome and tomorrow I’m going to collect lots and lots of lemons; which is wonderful but quite ironic considering my recent procrastination and inability to finish anything except plates of crackers, a cute reminder to be careful what you wish for ! We will see.

Happy weekend to everyone.


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50 responses to “Crackers.

  1. Oh my gosh, I could kiss you right now! Because I can actually eat these during Lent! (minus the ricotta, sadly). Those look beautiful, Rachel. I can’t wait to make these….

  2. OH, my! Simple-rustic-elegance. What a treat.
    I love the bubbled surfaces; I want to make these crackers Very Soon.
    Lovely light coming through your door.

  3. Most of us make these proclamations and most of us never follow through. That is the organic nature of blogging and thank goodness for it. Otherwise we’d be a bunch of rigid militaristic food thugs, and who wants that haunting the web?

    The bubbles, color and shape are very appealing. Rabbit never looked so good. 😉

  4. Spring time in Rome–I’m sooo jealous. Enjoy. We are buried under a foot of snow again–with no signs of it stopping until tomorrow morning. What better for me to do than try these great looking crackers. Thanks.

    • rachel

      But we did have snow for the first time in 24 years here in Rome a couple of weeks ago
      (not a foot of it though) but yes, it feels like spring now…I haven’t quite woken up from hibernation though !!

  5. Samantha

    Wow, these look amazing. I will definitely try them this weekend…..although the Roman pre-spring is tempting me outdoors….!

    • rachel

      Yes yes, spring in has taken me by surprise…it is lovely.
      hope it lasts !

      • Samantha

        Made these today as the windy, cloudy weather isn’t cooperating with Spring! Wonderfully simple…I had a lot of fun making them and my kids couldn’t wait for the next batch out of the oven. Next time I will let them do the work though…as it’s a perfect recipe for kids.

  6. those look stunning-crackly oily deliciousness. i’ve been sitting on a cracker recipe for a long time, too scared to take the plunge….i think this may have convinced me. cheers!

    • rachel

      This was my first ever cracker, really. I am not sure why i thought it would be so difficult
      I am cracker rooting for you.

  7. Oh my, I’m definitely making these this weekend, perhaps with some fresh rosemary, cracked pepper, or marjoram added to one of the batches. And thanks for introducing me to Lucy’s site!

  8. Lovely crackers and a lovely new blog to read – really need to find a way to organise my favourites, the list is getting silly now! Gx

  9. on my list – again…
    not kidding
    they will get made
    they are so beautiful and i know just what they will taste like…

    btw – i made the clementine cake and with all due respect to nigella, it just wasn’t my thing. kind of grainy. kind of just ok. but i changed the recipe a bit by using different sugars – i combined white, brown and muscovado – trying to use up some odds and ends.

    you can’t love every single thing, right?

    • rachel

      Yes, make the crackers, i think you will like them – with sheeps ricotta !!
      Oh no the cake, I have to admit I am sorry you didn’t love it. I really do ……why oh why did i give all the credit to pouty Nigella when it is really the wonderful Claudia Rodens recipe.
      I should get over it – I do worry obsessively – you are right, you can’t love every single thing.
      Won’t be making that cake when you call in for tea then.

  10. I was just pondering making my own crackers, because I am always buying them for my three-year-old. I showed her these, and she wants to make them RIGHT NOW. We may just have to do it. Thanks for reading my mind.

    • rachel

      hello jenny
      I teach little children English and often we bake together as a way of learning new words
      and I am planning to make these crackers with them next week so let me know if you try them with your daughter.

      • We did! It’s actually the perfect recipe for little kids, because it’s so simple. She really enjoyed getting her hands in the dough. Then we let the dough rest while we picked up my older daughter from school. When we came back, we rolled out the dough using my pasta maker. It worked really well, as far as getting the desired thin-ness. And my girls really enjoyed turning the crank on it as well.

      • rachel

        Hello jenny
        I am so glad.
        Thankyou so much for that pasta maker advice/tip – brilliant, why didn’t i think of that!

  11. The crackers look delicious, I will be making these soon. But, I admit I am most interested in whether the collection of lots of lemons means you have managed to contact the owner of that tree or whether you have managed to convince Vincenzo to scale a fence again?

    • rachel

      Oh Cath, I wish I could tell you I had pursuaded Vincenzo to ‘go over’…I could get quite hysterical at the thought of us taking the fence down. No, it is boring, I have been given (the mysterious absent owner) the lemons, lots and lots and lots of them……… we will see… excited and quite stressed at the mere thought…….

  12. Yippee! So pleased you like them.

    I didn’t even think about how long these would last…here, I’m lucky if they last more than 30 minutes.

    Lots ‘o lemons – tops. What have you got planned for them? I made Anna Del Conte’s Lemon Granita a few weeks ago…unbelievably good.

  13. rachel

    I love all these lemon suggestions, I am now officially inspired!

  14. just the sort of thing one wants to eat w a glass of wine and friends sitting around the table. x shayma

  15. these look delightful, i can’t wait to make them! i love your blog and reading it makes me feel like i am back in rome again!

    • rachel

      they are ! and really nice and simple to make too.
      Glad I remind you of being In Rome ! even though it is about to bucket down here !

  16. SRM

    made the crackers last night 🙂 loved them although forgot to brush them with yet more olive oil when they were done. somehow missed that bit when i read the recipe. still, they were excellent and i still have some dough left in the fridge so shall make more this week. i have the ottolenghi book but never thought to make them until i saw your wonderful post. thanks!

  17. Monica

    rachel, fantastici questi crackers.. li proverò prestissimo!

  18. Love the idea of making crackers for company. I think I would love it even more if I were making them for company in Rome.

    I so miss Italy! And now that I live in California it feels so much further away.

  19. Ash

    These are just awesome!!! Totally gonna make them… like soon!!

  20. spring in rome…sigh.

    i’m bookmarking these – the are the perfect size for me, cracker-wise. fabulous!

  21. Mitra

    Hi Rachel,

    I just made a second batch of these lovely crackers; my friend and I finished the first batch just as it came out of the oven :).

    Thank you very much for posting the recipe.

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  24. Bobi

    I have never made crackers before but I was inspired by your post and beautiful pictures! I made these yesterday and start to finish they took less than 30 minutes. I used a food processor to mix the ingredients. This makes a nice soft dough. I weighed out 1 oz portions (which gave me 13 crackers). I rolled them out on a silicon mat, which kept them from sticking to anything. I also baked them on a silicon mat. They were delicious! And you are right about them best eaten quickly because they don’t stay crisp. I think that’s partially my fault because it’s been very humid here. I just re-crisped them in the oven and they were fine. Can’t wait to make more and experiment with different flours and toppings. These crackers are so beautiful! They would present very well at a party.

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