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Hello. We are in Southeast Sicily in a town called Gela. I have written a piece about this for the FT Weekend magazine, which is beautifully illustrated by Luke Best. If you would like to read it, here is the link. More here soon – R




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21 responses to “another kitchen

  1. How delightful to hear from you. I was just saying to my friend Amy that I hoped all was well with you as you have been uncharacteristically silent.

    It’s delicious to hear from you too; the article you linked to is splendid. I cannot wait to find out more about life in Sicily.

  2. What a wonderful post about Sicily.
    I loved the photos. Thank you for sharing .
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Reblogged this on Sarah's Attic Of Treasures and commented:
    You will enjoy reading this tale of life in SIcily.
    Rachel Eats : Another Kitchen.

  4. Christiane Gelormino

    I think I saw pictures of this kitchen on Instagram?! Yes I did!! It’s not the big and perfect kitchen where the best food and memories are made…

  5. !!!! My grandfather is from Gela! We visited the town last August. Not many people have even heard of it.

  6. S

    I get the FT every weekend – saw it last night – many, many congrats it’s a beautifully (evocatively) penned, piece.

  7. Rosemary

    Nice to hear this story about Gela and Nonna Sara’s kitchen and the way food and memories and emotions are intertwined. Best wishes for your time in Sicily, and looking forward to reading more soon.

  8. ‘In the kitchen where I now stand, Sara would cook and conserve everything her husband grew. I love these stories. Maybe too much. Everything I thought I knew seems wrong, or horribly romanticised’. This was definitely my reaction to seeing my grandparents’ hometowns in Sicily (they’re from the northeast by the way, between Messina and Taormina). I grew up listening to these stories and remember feeling that there were a lot of, as you say, ‘rough edges’ that didn’t always make it into my nonni’s stories. Sicily’s flavours and my nonna’s cooking continue to inspire me though in my kitchen in Turin.

    I have never made torrone. It’s also made here in Piedmont. Will definitely try it soon…

    🙂 Rosemarie

  9. laura

    Yes, great illustrations but also, as usual, great writing. How you draw your reader in … so delightfully. Loved reading about your time in Sicily and all the new experiences and love the photos on Instagram. Keep well. Auguroni di cuore sempre.

  10. I’ve missed you, Rachel. But this article was worth the wait.

  11. Reblogged this on From Pyrenees to Pennines and commented:
    Regular readers will know I’m a huge fan of Rachel Roddy, and her tales of life and cooking in Rome, as told in her blog ‘racheleats’. Well, here she is in Sicily. And if you’re reading this under a sullen English August sky, you might like to take a virtual trip with me, and join her there.

  12. A lovely piece of writing. I enjoyed the flow of it, from Rome to Sicily. Would love to see the Greek antiquities at Gela!

  13. I always wanted to visit Sicily and all that has prevented me is laziness, being perfectly happy were I am and not having any money. Very much enjoyed my vicarious holiday…happily transported, without queues or fucking annoying people kicking my seat, by your very good words and your illustrators beautiful images. Thanks:)

  14. orcagna

    What a wonderful post – the taste of Sicilian bread lingers in my mouth and I’m looking forward to going back at Christmas for another heady fling with my favourite fish, pesce spatola. So much of Persephone’s island to miss! But the one redeeming feature about that petroleum plant in Gela was always that it looked like Pippi Calzelunghe’s socks…

  15. Your FT article is as dreamy and transcendent as ever. Luca is so lucky to have such a talented storyteller as his mamma!

  16. Jordan

    Beautiful piece in FT… And congrats on your spread in Food and Wine mag this month! So glad to see you’re getting such wonderful press!

  17. Christine

    What a beautiful article. And whoa do I ever want arancine now. And pan’ e panelle as well.

  18. Wonderful as always Rachel and somewhere that’s still in my wish list of many years. Puglia this year though!

  19. Caroline

    Rachel, I discovered your delightful blog not so long ago. Your writing is wonderful – it is so uplifting to read your posts and you encourage and motivate me to cook! The same goes for your cookbook! Everything I tried worked so well and the texts are motivating and helpful.
    I just wanted to send you a big thank you and wish you all the best!

  20. Nadia

    Beautiful writing! Is your book out yet?

  21. Brady

    Loved the FT article Rachel, your writing is always evocative of the place you are in….

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