kitchen sink tales


You can now tear me out, from Guardian Cook, each Saturday. I hope you enjoy the recipe enough for it to merit a place pinned to the fridge with a magnet, stuck in a book, or as a book mark. I fully understand though, if you use me to start a fire, wrap a broken glass or simply recycle me. The weekly Column will also be on-line and I will share the link here too.  More soon R



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40 responses to “kitchen sink tales

  1. I enjoyed reading it this weekend and I am not sure why I feel ridiculously proud whenever I see your pieces in The Guardian. But I do. Looking forward to more.

    • I feel like that too!! I also feel personally offended at some of the comments online – seriously, some people just can’t be happy!!

      I can’t use you to wrap anything in, Rachel, or pin you on the fridge, but I will add you to my weekly Guardian online reading – congratulations!! xx

      • rachel

        Hello K and H and thank you so much, I am proud, really proud that you are proud and I have been told to avoid reading comments. I know it is going to be occasional, but I still intend to post here, my favorite place xx

  2. Arabella

    Nicely done Rachel X

  3. Kay Brain

    So pleased you’ve got a column. Your guest columns in Autumn 2014 got clipped an saved. Love your book – great recipes, down to earth and interesting notes. The real world of cooking! Thank you.

  4. Giovanna

    Looking forward to your new column, Rachel. While recently in Rome, I bought the last copy of your cookbook at the Almost Corner…they ordered more while I was standing there! What a beautiful book. Congratulations.

  5. Liz Colvin

    So glad we are going to have you every week in the Guardian. Such self-discipline to keep making deadlines – I am very impressed and much looking forward to reading them

  6. Catherine

    Lovely to read it, Rachel. Thank you. And congratulations.

  7. Fabulous! Congratulations Rachel.

  8. victoria2nyc

    So glad to look forward to a treat a week! Your writing is luminous – “an intense, silken dish that is somewhere between a stew and a relish.” Simply perfect. It’s that little knob of butter mixed with the tomatoes and the olive oil, isn’t it? I will be making this tomorrow. Jane (and Marcella) knew what they were doing. And you do too. xo

  9. roseolson

    Congratulations! What an achievement. Best of luck.

  10. How lovely! Congratulations 😉

  11. That’s wonderful and very well deserved!

    Fantastic to see you reaching a wider audience on the regular.

  12. Audrey Adamson

    Really chuffed for you Rachel. Ever since I came across your blog I’ve been saying you’d make it big and regular columnist in the Grauniad is big! Loving your book which I bought on publication. Well done you.

  13. Tom

    Congratulations Rachel! You’re becoming a star!
    I love the book, having great fun with the recipes

  14. Ahhh the famous sink! Must one live in the UK or will you also be featured online? xxo

  15. Essential reading. Well done Rachel.

  16. Grey

    Yay! Anything that results in more of you writing and me reading = win!

    I hope you will link regularly, as the RSS feed with The Guardian seems to be an all or nothing proposition.

  17. I can not wait to try this recipe! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  18. Like The Ordinary Cook (who introduced you to mr in the first place), I feel very proud when I read you in the Guardian (or once, just once, in the ‘i’). I hope the enthusiasm of those of us who’ve followed you from the early days buoys you up. I love your writing!

  19. ….oh, and recipes, of course……

    • rachel

      M – there is nothing as lovely as writing here with you all, nothing. Thanks so much for your support here and there (scary as it is) and here, I hope you are well? xox

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