beans and greens


Hello, and here is the link to this week’s Kitchen Sink Tales. If I get my act together, there will be more here later this week. – R




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14 responses to “beans and greens

  1. bon appetit mon amie 🙂

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  3. Lovely article Rachel, we have this meal often in our home.

  4. sue brightling

    We love these beans so cooking now to go with some plump pork and sage sausages…

  5. Beans and greens are comfort food here. I love your suggestions, especially turning it into a gratin.

  6. Scott

    I’ve put some beans out to soak. It’s spring (albeit a cold and windy one) here in southern NZ so I’ve got chard, spinach and sorrel in the veg garden. But what are my chances of putting some nettles into the mix of greens? I’m practically the richest man in the world in the nettle department.

    • rachel

      yes to nettles in the mix, let me know how it goes Rx

      • Scott

        I put together a mix of nettles, chard, beetroot tops, spinach and sorrel. It was really good and once the beans are cooked (I used the slow-cooker while I was at work) it’s the easiest dinner imaginable.

  7. Looks delicious and inspiring. In need of comfort food, here and this is perfect. Thank you !

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  9. A bit late but I made this after finally finding proper dry cannellini beans, not generic white beans that could be anything. I used local kale and collard greens which are a southern tradition. It was amazing and will be in the rotation regularly now. I will try it as written at some point but tis the season for good collards so had to start there. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

  10. wonderful page!
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  11. David N Cook

    We are having this or greens with garbanzos every week now – terrific vegetarian dishes – thank you so much!

  12. MlM

    Just fell into you space. Lovely words to go with the recipes

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