I suppose the best way to describe myself is a home cook who writes. Or maybe writer who cooks is a better description. Either way, hello, I am Rachel.

I’m from near London, but I’ve lived in Rome, in Testaccio, for nearly 13 years now, with my Sicilian partner and little boy. I write a weekly column for The Guardian called Kitchen sink tales. I have also written for the The Financial Times, Olive magazine, The Telegraph, Food52, Food and Wine and The Spectator.  My first book Five Quarters: Recipes and notes from a Kitchen in Rome was published by Saltyard Books and was awarded the Andrè Simon Memorial fund food book award 2105. The US edition is called My Kitchen in Rome: recipes and notes on Italian cooking. My second book is called Two Kitchen and is out now.  I am now working on my third book.

My Agent is Jon Elek at United Agents. This is a short film in my small kitchen made by Kat Bon Vora and another made by  by Michael Thomas Jones, Marissa Keating and Mina Holland. for Guardian Cook.



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194 responses to “Rachel

  1. Ciao bell- just saw your comment on lucy’s blog.
    I have been living in Florence since 1984-
    get to Rome once in awhile!

    Judy- Divina Cucina

  2. Joanna

    what happened to the blackboard?

    xxxxxx jo

  3. Lisa

    just had a good sticky beak around bella-bellina Rach, and got the tummy rumbles (good ones that is)…can’t wait to visit. Sorry I won’t be getting your New-Year-Lucky-Lentil$ ‘n’ sausages this year, but that mandarin cake & a good espresso will do nicely.
    tantissimi auguri per un felice anno (or something like that? boh, Happy New Year)

  4. becky

    we’ve been reading your website (me, andrew and joanna) and think its fantastic, i’m inspired to cook and visit you both in rome .. well done!! xxx

  5. I recently discovered your blog and just love it! It’s beautiful, lovingly shows delicious foods, and anything Italian I can’t resist. Thank you!

  6. Dee

    How do so many people who are involved with food (love to cook, cook very often, make wonderful meals, etc.) stay so thin?
    Your recipes are amazing, just like you!

  7. I have just found your blog and I love it! Linking it to mine.

  8. Erjona

    Hi Rachel,

    I recently discovered your blog, and, well…here I am digging through your archives unable to stop reading!…What a marvelous treat.
    As it turns out, my family and I just got tickets last night for an abroad trip and it turns out that we will be in Rome for about 4 days next week. I find myself way too preoccupied reading about the little trattorias and markets in Rome, than making hotel reservations..:). Would love to know if you have any suggestions for places that we should definitely not miss out on??

    Thank you so very much.

  9. Rachael,

    Thank you for posting this gorgeous recipe. I’m tucking it into my recipe files and will continue reading.

    Will send photos when I make it.


  10. When are you writing a book about your life in Italy? I think it’s time…I need something really good to read. 🙂

  11. Kristen Scott

    Please notify me of new posts via email–thanks!

  12. Maria

    Love your blog

  13. Linda May

    Found you through Smitten Kitchen…wonderful blog…

  14. Lavi

    love this blog, inspiring and brilliant, can’t wait to catch up at the market

  15. Ciao Rachel,

    thank you for coming by my little kitchen, leaving your lovely comment and also including me in your blogroll. We should hook up, I live on the other side of town, but I am mobile and hang around Gazometro and vicinities often.
    This is a gorgeous blog, and I can’t wait to peruse it fully to get to know you (and your stunning photography) better.

    At a first glance, I already know we have many things in common. My epitaph will in fact read “she died by cheese”

    Eleonora xx

  16. Darin Raffaelli

    i’m an aquaintance of lavi’s. man oh man, that linguine looks so good. ship some to oakland.

  17. Stella

    Rachel, I loved your most recent post – I hope you’ll keep writing your story. I’ve been checking your blog for the past two months or so and I love it. Every dish you make comes out perfectly! The beautiful photos relay a sense of peace. I love the sunlight and the colors. I once lived in Florence and wish I was still there to shop the markets and try every one of your recipes. I’m in Brooklyn now, and I think I will try the recipes anyway.

  18. Amy

    Hi Rachel,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now…thanks for the wonderful recipes! We are coming to italy next month, we’ll be in rome for just one day :(. Can you recommend some great places to eat?
    We’ll be spending the rest of our trip on the coast, in Punta Ala. Can’t wait!

  19. alexandra

    I love your recipes! I came upon your website while I was searching for chocolate cake. (I am french-american living in France, and I look for recipes from other places!)
    But I love italian flavors, and your recipes look delicious and inspiring! I just wish I had more time to cook :))


  20. Hello Rachel…my snack of choice are almonds with a lump of cheese ;o)

    I just had a quick look around and I’ve decided to keep following your very interesting posts.

    I’m very much of Italian origin, however, grateful to have been born in a vivacious city like Montreal.

    I love life and adore food even more.

    Glad to make your acquaintance.
    Ciao for now and flavourful wishes,

    • rachel

      With almonds – now That sounds pretty terrific.
      I have never been to Montreal but we have family there, so maybe one day. thank you for your nice and thoughtful message and yes, nice to meet you too.

  21. Suse

    Hello Rachel,

    Spontaneously compelled to comment on your lovely lovely blog. Initially spotted only days ago while trying to find out what to do with a gift of bottarga, and several times since just from googling on other food-related matters (the google spiders seem to like you). So now I’m hooked & have begun recommending the blog to similarly vicarious eaters. Your writing is highly entertaining and beautifully evocative, a pleasure to read – thank you!

    Wishing you many more happy food experiences.

  22. Hi Rachel

    You have a magnificent blog. Congratulations, and well done on being freshly pressed!

    I am new to blogging and thoroughly enjoy posting my daily recipe. Your recipes sound and look absolutely delicious – every one a taste-explosion for the taste-buds.

    I have added you to my blogroll and I invite you to have a look at my blog – I would be honoured if you would add me to your blogroll.

    Looking forward to sharing with you.

    Sunny regards,

  23. Congratulations on being freshly pressed! Am absolutely loving your photography – beautiful use of light and composition. Your writing is I am sure quite wonderful — but your photography completely distracted me from reading! I love food, attempt to cook it, and dream of exploring Europe — especially Italy.

    Well done.

  24. سیـــار

    Your blog’s yumm!

    Perhaps a cheesecake recipe, some day?

  25. Hi Rachel,
    I noticed that WordPress was directing some people from your blog to mine (eatyourselfzen.com) so I came to visit and love it! I also lived in (and love) Italy, and my blog (although less developed) looks very similar to yours :). Just wanted to let you know that I’m inspired by Rachel Eats and have signed up for your emails.

  26. Jack

    I like the parsley soup, is it 30 gr. or 300 gr (300, sound a lot)
    Thank you,

    • rachel

      hi jack
      300g and yes that is quite a lot, a massive bunch in fact, but it is the main ingredient ! I am sure you get away with 200g though.

  27. Dipankar Sanyal

    Hi Rachael,
    I came across your blog and loved it for it’s simplicity of graphics and contents.
    I am a 60 year old Indian architect, exiled in the US where elegant lifestyle is rare and very dear when available.
    I have been to Rome once and loved it too; so much so that I was looking to buy a tiny place somewhere in Italy to spend part of my retirement time.
    Your zucchini flower photo is beautiful. In fact like all your photos- light/shade, compositions. I dabble in photography a bit but my twin lens Rolliflex is a archaic. What kind of digital camera do you use? I hope to communicate with you. Take care.

    • rachel

      Hello Dipankar

      Thank you and I will send you an E mail asap


      • rachel

        Hello Dipankar,

        I tried to E mail you but mail was returned so I am posting the reply here in the hope you will find it.

        Hello Dipankar,

        Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Thank you so much for your nice message, I am always touched to know that people, that you, like reading, that you appreciate what I do each week. Thank you.

        Now, I am especially pleased you like the pictures because I am very insecure about my camera skills. Before starting the blog I’d barely used a camera and my early pictures are terrible. I’m still a novice, point and shoot I’m afraid, but always in natural light and generally at lunch time or about 5 when the light is nice in the kitchen.

        I have a very basic but great Panasonic-Lumix-DMC-FZ8-Digital-Camera


        I am still learning to use it. Slowly. I wonder where you are thinking of in Italy, for you little house I mean?

        Wishing you all the very best.


  28. Cathy Ferguson

    Hi Rachel, Just found your spinach and ricotta gnocchi recipe – it was easy to make and the gnocchi were light. Perfect for a cold Winter’s night in Melbourne. The only problem was I thought your amounts were a bit small – I tripled the recipe. It worked but now we are very full. Full but happy! Next time I’ll follow your quantities.

    Thanks. Will look out for future posts.

  29. tabledad

    Hi Rachel. I just got introduced to blogging & stumbled upon your site. Wow! Your posts are inspiring & provoking. Obviously a work of love.

    Cheers — Eric (tabledad)

  30. I can’t remember what linked I clicked on to find your website,but I’m sure glad I did. It’s fantastic and you’re doing a “bang-up” job as my dad would say! Well done.

  31. Hello
    Just to let you know I’ve put a link on my blog to your gorgeous blog!
    Warmest wishes

  32. Cle

    oh! that’s the reason why you use the rights ingredients!!! You live in Italy!!!
    I have a foodblog too
    if you want to see it

  33. I LOVE the description about you and I enjoy reading your blog too!! I read you live in Rome. I miss Italy, the food, the sea… but most of all Italian people! Nice to meet you Rachel 🙂

  34. I don’t know how I haven’t come across your blog sooner, but it’s wonderful! Keep up the good work and if you’d ever consider giving food walks, send me an email!

  35. JoAnna

    Hi Rachael,
    I love your blog. I just came across it this evening, and I am still aquainting myself with it. But, I already know that I will be an avid follower! I was wondering if you might post LuisaWeiss recipe for oven roasted tomatoes and breadcrumbs. It looks devine…mouth watering! I would love to try it! So, please post it soon! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, photos and recipes with us. Looking forward to trying the recipe. Sincerely, JoAnna

  36. Hi Rachel

    A quick FYI:
    I just nominated your blog for Best Food Blog at Saveur.com http://www.saveur.com/2011-best-food-blog-nominations.jsp
    I entered you under best regional cuisine.
    I’ve been enjoying your blog and using your recipes for a few years now and I think recognition is well deserved.
    I hope all your other readers nominate and vote for you.
    Good luck. Brian

  37. Hi Rachel! So sad I’ve only just found your blog! I just posted a link to it on my facebook. I’m sure others will love it too. Really a beautiful blog. Just made Pasta e broccoli from a January 12, 2010 post. Delicious! Tried to imagine being in Roma. Look forward to trying more recipes. Thanks!

  38. alice


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    I am principally interested in buying a number of text-links on your site.
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  39. alice

    I sent you an email a while back regarding purchase of text link advertisement. I know you are a busy person but if you could take out some time and consider it, i will appreciate that. If you are interested, let me know we can discuss further details.
    Looking for your response.
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  40. Rachel – I hate to put the pressure on, but when are you going to post again? (consider this, in its own, rather modest way, fan mail)

  41. Vonplatz


    Just reading your blog for the first time and have decided to favorite (not many get on the list)

    I feel somewhat of a kindred spirit though we have to change the sex from f to m, Vicencenzo for Assela, Rome for Madrid and small children and large actors to somewhere in the middle (Spanish Teenagers).

    Love the recipes and the writing.

    Keep it up.

  42. Just found your blog, but now I will commence living vicariously through you. I currently live in Hawaii and my foodishness is eerily similar to yours. One day when my roots can be plucked from this soil and transplanted in Italy, I will be there, hopefully living next to a market and above a bread shop. And there I will sink into sweet Italian debauchery. Until then, I will follow your adventures.

  43. Hi Rachel, I think you have a wonderful blog and am happy to have learned about it via our mutual blogging friend at goodfoodmatters.com, Nancy Vienneau. She listed us both as part of her top favorite blogs to check out. So I came her and she is right, what a great blog, photos and stories. I am signing up right now. Best to you. T

  44. Wyn

    Thank you, thank you, a friend recommended your blog, it is a wonderful pick me up on a Friday afternoon.

  45. I recently stumbled upon your lovely blog & I totally love it!
    Your writing is lovely, your pictures are superb & your recipes rock! 🙂

    I just added your blog to my list of foodbloggers that I totally digg!!! 😉

  46. Paul

    Just stumbled across your blog and it looks like I’ll be back… the recipes – what I’ve seen so far – but it was the blurb that attracted me most! It’s people like this that… I like.

  47. I love your blog, so I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you’d like to participate, please click on the link for the rules.

  48. Christine

    Hello Rachel,

    Really enjoy your blog.
    I too have a Luca..and a Pietro and a Giorgia and a Gemma.They’re all a bit older than your guy and off at school which leaves afair bit of time to dedicate to my passion for cooking here in Verona.Am Canadian but have been here for a while now too.Do be in touch if you’re ever in my neck of the woods and we’ll go have some local treats.

    • rachel

      Hello Christine,

      i will most definitely take you up on that offer when I visit Verona (I am longing to). I am still adapting to my new lovely, chaotic, muddled, joyful life with one Luca so i can’t imagine life with a Pietro and a Giorgia and Gemma too. Well maybe i can, i imagine it is lovely, chaotic, muddled, joyful times 4. Thanks for such a nice comment.

  49. Hi Rachel,
    Been reading your lovely blog for a little while now and your recipes are great inspiration for me. We live over in Prati and I spend most of my mornings taking too long to choose lunch in Mercato Trionfale. I too have a Luca…he is 17months but such a baby compared to his peers, maybe we could introduce the little men over coffee sometime. We checked out Sciascia at your recommendation and the guys in there are so nice, plus coffee is buonissimo! Also launching a supperclub …have a look at http://romessecretsupperclub.wordpress.com/ I am sure you good offer me lots of tips!

  50. Hi Rachel, just found your Blog via the BBC, well done for getting on there. I love your mix of English and Italian. Not sure if fusion is exactly the right word but certainly influenced.

    I look forward to your updates.


  51. Francesca

    Rachel – I’ve just discovered your blog while searching for various food blogs to include in a list that I’m compiling for the marketing firm that I work for – that being said, although I wish that I cooked [period] and could then take advantage of your wonderful recipes, unfortunately, as a result of both my busy lifestyle and the sad excuse for a kitchen in my tiny NYC apartment, I’m sorry to say that I’m in no way your typical reader and/or food blog aficionado. Nevertheless, I just read your “About” section, and immediately love you for two reasons:

    #1 – I also dislike (and that’s putting it mildly) the word foodie – and love the fact that you make a point of saying that you don’t like the word foodie in your food blog.
    #2 – I absolutely love the name Luca and think that I might’ve just found a name for my future, unborn little boy – so thank you.

    I’ve added your blog to the list and hope that I’ll have a chance to visit it again – next time, for pleasure rather than business.

    Cordiali saluti,


    • rachel

      Hi Francesca,
      I think dislike is putting it mildly too, far too mildly. We loathe the word foodie.
      Thanks for adding me to the list and I hope you do call by again
      All the best Rach

  52. Rachel,

    I am clearly not the first to tell you what a wonderful blog you have but since one can never get too many compliments I thought I joined the swaths of people who have done so before me. I have spent this afternoon reading entry after entry of your gorgeous blog and cannot seem to stop. I like your style of cooking, the photographs as well as your writing, it seems very honest.

    I will definitely be subscribing to your posts via email.

    All the best from London


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  54. Kat

    It was great to meet you at the park last sunday. 🙂 Never expected to come face to face with another blogger-mom in Rome but so so happy I did and what a blog you keep! can I invite invite myself over for lunch? haha or vice versa? I can cook a good asian thing or two. 😉 hope to catch you again one of these days.

  55. Just found your blog while I was cooking a cavolo nero pasta for dinner tonight! I’m so glad to have found it – will definitely be keeping up with you online. We live part of the year in Lucca and we love Rome. 🙂

  56. Moira

    Found your blog when searching for a recipe for pasta with broccoli, and was immediately hooked. This was after watching a TV episode of Inspector Montalbano, where he ate this dish with such gusto that I was inspired to cook it myself! We really look forward to your posts, and have tried lots of your recipes – with success. Next up is the clementine cake.
    All the best, Moira

    • rachel

      Moira – So happy you like reading and even happier you’ve made recipes with success. thanks for taking to time to let me know Rx

  57. ciao! luvFAB blog.

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  59. sarah

    I just stumbled across your blog (through a link from smitten kitchen). Even though I’ve only been to Rome a few times I love testaccio and was thrilled to find your posts about the tomato stall in the testaccio market (which i stumbled across) and of course volpetti (oh and da augusto in trastavere!). one one trip i came home with my suitcase full of tomatoes and big wedges of pecorino – my boyfriend joked that most girls would come back from italy with a suitcase full of shoes. I have now read through your entire blog (ha) and came away with an incredible craving for pasta – last night i made your pasta amatriciana and it was divine. tonight i think i’ll make your pasta with broccoli. i truly hope i can make it back to rome some time soon. thank you for such lovely recipes and beautiful writing.

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  61. Vanya

    I just discovered your blog and have been reading it like I would read a great novel – very eagerly and from front to back (I read 14 posts in a row – that’s what I call obsessive..). I never left a comment on any of the blogs I follow, but yours is so well written and has such amazing recipes, I just had to speak up. I want to make every single one of your dishes, and I love Rome, so this is a very welcome insight in Roman life!
    Thank you so much for all the inspiration! All the best from Amsterdam.

    • rachel

      Hi Vanya,
      Thank you so much, it makes me extremely happy to know you like reading along and can identify with my shambolic Roman food ramblings. You want to make everything too! high praise indeed and means we would probably get along brilliantly (over lunch at least). thanks for taking the time to let me know Rx

  62. Hello Rachel,
    Lovely blog, but terrrrrrribly nostalgic for me. I’m your opposite…a Roman in England. I’m happy and settled and nothing like the stereotypical Italian abroad, always moaning about the weather and bad food. But Rome is Rome, and your blog brings back childhood memories and a good dose of emotion!
    Great to see so many pictures of glass jars on your site too!
    Keep up the good writing and cooking, and do try I Siciliani in Via Catanzaro, near Piazza Bologna – there are permanent queues outside for something sweet or savoury.

    • rachel

      Hi of glass and books, first what a lovely name for a blog, two of my favourite things. It sounds like we have much in common, happy in our adopted city and happily nostalgic for our home ones. We are just happy and lucky to have both I imagine. I’ve made a note of I Siciliani in Via Catanzaro – thank you. R

  63. Hello,
    let me know what you think! Happy tasting!

  64. So glad you were “freshly pressed” so I could find you. Beautiful blog, wonderful writing, gorgeous food. Wow! Luca is pretty damn cute too!

  65. That sounds amazing as does living in Rome! Sigh….one day….

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  69. There I was flicking through the Observer Food Monthly – and there you are at no. 26. I feel ridiculously proud. xx

  70. Just read your mention on the OFM website top 50 list – how wonderful, and richly deserved!

  71. rachel, I really enjoyed taking a look around your blog this afternoon. very inspiring.

  72. Alexandra

    I’m a 21 year old Londoner planning to move to Testaccio in September, and I basically can’t cook, but hopefully that will change soon! I just found your blog, and found so many things I want to try cooking. It’s really inspirational to have found your blog at this time in my life, so I just wanted to say thank you! 🙂

    • rachel

      You have made a good choice – it is a good place to live. Let me know when you are settled and we can get a caffe.

      • Hello! I’m living in Testaccio now, and still reading your blog. I was enjoying all the references to Via Galvani, as I have a view of the street from my bedroom window. Anyway, this probably sounds a bit weird, but I think we live in the same building? I’m 99% sure I walked past you in the courtyard today. If you’d be willing to meet up for coffee, that would be lovely!

      • rachel

        Hello A – I think I was just visiting the courtyard. But we are super near. Coming to E mail x

  73. What a beautiful, inspiring blog!!

    • rachel

      Thank you. Mum of nine! does this mean you are a mum of nine? My mind boggles with awe and respect! Lovely to have you here.

  74. Graham Jepson

    Hello Rachel,
    Hello Rachel.
    I’ve been looking at your blog for a while and so you can deduce that I like what you have to say and the way that you tell it, and the time has come to say thank you. (I say “like” and, since you are English, you will understand understatement.)
    So what is so good about your contribution? It is personal and as much about the adventure of your life as about the food. It is about real-life cooking and not about the recipes of celebrity chefs. It is set in Rome and Italy – no better environment to find inspiration for food. These things provide context and, like many things in life, it is the context that makes the difference.
    So what about the dishes you describe? I live in South Africa so some ingredients are not available and, since supermarkets prevail, others are certainly of lower quality than in Italy. And then there are those things that we have that you don’t. For all of that, it is that you talk as much about method and technique as giving specific recipes. When you understand method and technique, you don’t just know how to prepare one dish but many dishes.
    And then, your blog is about passion. It is not the passion of instant gratification but the kind of passion that continues to simmer and fuels the quest to learn more, to seek out the best ingredients and to treat them with respect.
    I hope I have summed up why I “like” your blog so much. Thank you for the inspiration and long may Rachel eat.
    My very best wishes, Graham Jepson.

    • rachel

      Hello Graham,

      Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, I am in the UK visiting family at the moment and although checking my mail, I have been doing so in a rather on-the-hop manner and this comment deserved a less frantic response.

      Thank you very much for what is possibly the nicest comment I have ever received. You have summed but why you like my blog beautifully. You have also summed up my attitude to food in a much better way than I ever have, the simmering quest to learn more, to seek out the best ingredients and to treat them with respect. Thank you.

      All the very best


  75. Really beautiful blog, Rachel. Quietly marvellous, respectful and sumptuous. I spent time in Italy and was/am/have been an actor too. Nice to know you’re still there and sending such wonderful missives out to all of us. Sophie

  76. I was told about your blog by a friend of mine who loves all things Italian. Especially its food and drink. I just love your blog, your clever, witty writing but most of all I love your recipes. After a long hot Summer autumn is here in England now with a vengeance so its time for your soup with farro and borlotti beans. We’re off to Sicily next month for a wedding so we’re looking forward to the wedding breakfast with bated breath! We – Sue and I – just love Italian food. Thank you for your wonderful blog. I’m an avid fan. With best wishes. Charles

    • rachel

      Morning Charles,
      What a nice comment to wake up to – thank you. It is always good to hear people enjoy reading and yes, the recipes are the key. Sicily in September, the best time I think. Remember about the warm brioche buns with almond granita for breakfast. oh and the pasta with sardine, and the caponata and thelittle almond biscuits. Again, thank you it is great to have you reading along.
      All best

  77. Cooked the borlotti beans and farro soup. Real comfort food and ideal for cold autumn & winter days! Lovely. Thanks Rachel. I can see this becoming a winter staple.

  78. Natalie

    I’ve been reading your blog for ages and have so enjoyed gradually finding out about you through your anecdotes, beautiful pictures and recipes. Like you, I’m from London (I too used to find myself in the Fiddler’s Elbow c. 1995!) and love Italy. Your writing about Rome is so vivid – it’s tantalising, but wonderful, to read about the heat of your local square when the rain is pouring down here. I’ve often been to Italy but never to Rome and I’m about to find myself in the city with only one day to get a feel for the place! I was wondering whether you felt able to recommend one restaurant for my one Roman dinner? Only if you feel like it… Congratulations on the book! Can’t wait.

  79. Krystal Nimtz

    Hi Rachel,
    I just visited Italy this summer. Rome, Vinci, and Milan, and you gave a tour of the Testaccio market to my study abroad group with Dr. Philip Strong! For my final paper I am writing an essay about Roman cuisine, your tour really inspired me. Thank you so much.
    Michigan State University

    • rachel

      Hello Krystal.

      So glad to have inspired you. All best and if you are ever in Rome, please drop me a line and we can catch up RX

  80. Alonna Smith

    Hi Rachel,

    Did you do the drawing for the banner on your home page? It is lovely.
    Love your blog!

  81. Alonna Smith

    I am not an artist and have a drawing in mind to print on fabric for my kitchen. Do you have any other drawings I could see?

    • rachel

      I don’t, but you should look at the pictures of John Minton, he was the illustrator for Elizabeth David’s Books and inspired my pictures – google John Minton food pictures R

  82. Cooked the Minestrone. Wonderful! The slow cooking does give it intense flavour as you said. Yum yum. I cheated a little and added a tablespoon of farro, some Waitrose minestrone pulses and a handful of macaroni. Best minestrone I’ve ever had. Thank you Rachel. I loved the explanation of ‘ONI’. Big soup indeed!

  83. Hi there, I’ve nominated your lovely blog for the “I’m a Part of the WordPress Family” Award. You can see more at http://theseasonedtraveler.wordpress.com/2013/11/14/celebration-ice-in-paradise-happy-50th-award-time. No action required unless you’d like to pass it on. -Laura at the Seasoned Traveler

  84. Hello Rachel! We just wanted to let you know that we have nominated you for the Blog of the Year Award. We truly enjoy reading your posts and love your recipes. You can learn more about your award here: http://thelittlethingsdiy.com/2013/12/17/blog-of-the-year-award-2013/
    Keya and Erica

  85. cookingwithsapana

    Hi Rachel ! I am planning to shift in Turin , Itlay . Can you please help me with the information regarding living expenses there. Are there any International elementary schools .

    • rachel

      Hi Sapana, I live in Rome and know very little about Turin which is much further north up Italy’s boot. There must be some great bloggers and writers living there! Good luck with the move, best rachel

      On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 10:02 AM, rachel eats

  86. Hi Sapana! Have you ever been to Santa Monica? There’s a delicious italian restaurant in Santa Monica called Via Veneto that is to die for. Just sharing the info…being a foodie and all. : )

  87. Graham Jepson

    Hi Rachel,

    As the year draws to a close, it is time to say thank you again for your blogging. It was during 2013 that I discovered you and it’s been entertaining, interesting and informative to keep track of your posts. Best of all, I’ve added some great new ideas to my culinary repertoire.

    Very best wishes – Graham.

  88. Moira

    Hi Rachel
    I’m just simmering clementines for the famous cake, and would like to wish you and yours a very happy Christmas. We love your blog, and often try the recipes – good luck with the book!

  89. Happy ninth anniversary Rachael! Your courage in making that spontaneous brave decision to go to Italy has clearly brought you riches beyond your imagination. New life, new partner and new son! And a new career as food blogger and cookery book author. My very best wishes to you on this special anniversary.

  90. suz

    I have a friend heading to Italy (staying in your friend’s B&B after I sent her the link from your blog) next month. I was looking through your blog as I know there are several posts about wandering through Rome (one with a photo of Luca on your back after you had wandered through Rome for an afternoon – he was quite young – I still can’t find that one) and as I was looking I knew I’d gone back too far because I thought “That’s the table & chair in her old kitchen by the door”. It felt so familiar and odd to recognize someone else’s things in their kitchen that you’ve never been in. So just wanted to say thank you for sharing bits of your life on the interwebs 🙂 It’s been fun (and a little odd) getting to know a tiny part of you!

  91. Hi Rachel,
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog since I came across it in the Observer some time ago. As many others have siad, it is your clever writing and wonderful way of being able to convey a though/feeling/ mood that keep people coming back to your blog..and your recipes of course. I also live in Italy, in Abruzzo, and what I love about your blog is your no nonsnse approach to describing your life here. You don’t over-sentementalize it and you never never talk about ‘La dolce vita’..thank god. A refreshing change.
    You might be pleased to hear that I recently used your article about Abruzzo from the Guardian in my classroom, (I’m also an English teacher), and my student loved it- especially as he personally knew some of the characters you mentioned!
    Finally- have you ever thought about house swapping? I know this might seem a bit strange as you don’t know me, but we live in a lovely house in the countryside among the olive trees and with a beautiful view of the Majella mountains. Might be a perfect escape for you from the city..and we miss the city from time to time. Anyway something to think about…..and thank you for your writing.

    • rachel

      Hi Fiona, thank you so much for this, it is such a wonderful note in so many ways as I always hope people enjoy reading, relate, don’t find me immensely irritating, enjoy the food, want to cook…..so thank you. The article too, my first and a steep learning curve…it is nice to here it was useful. I adored Abruzzo and your offer is very very tempting. lets stay in touch by E mail. Very Best Rx

  92. Excuse my typos…Said and thought!! Embarrassing from an English teacher….

  93. Hello again Rachel. I wonder if you’ve ever written about the Italian love affair with coffee? Especially espresso which I used to think was spelt expresso! I would love to hear your thoughts on Coffee Italia…..

    • rachel

      Hi Charles and yes I have thought about it often and yes I will (for the book) but then again here at some point – good call. Hope you are well? – RX

  94. So glad I found your blog today! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures. Take care!

  95. Indra

    Hi Rachel
    I found your blog … well, I just found it, I guess. And I’ve never gone back. Your recipes sing to be made, and your writing is so evocative, joyous and funny, at the same time, that I can’t wait for the book to appear!

  96. Beverly Phelps

    Hi Rachel, I am so glad I found your blog! I looked up “are the large stems of parsley edible?” on ask.com and found a link to your parsley soup recipe via the blog “littleechofootprints.com” that talks about reducing food waste. The recipe looks wonderful and I am going to try it today!
    My dream vacation has long been to travel (I’m in the US) to Italy. My health now dictates that I better hurry up and get to my bucket list, so I am researching trips for next year. One problem: my husband is highly allergic to blooming olive trees. It causes an asthmatic reaction that can be life threatening. (It’s one reason we no longer live in California!) So my question to you is: when do the olive trees start and stop blooming in Italy? And if you could only pick one place to visit in Italy, where would that be if you are a foodie? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!
    I am looking forward to following your blog and for your cookbook to come out. Thanks so much!

    • rachel

      Hello Beverly, I am not sure quite where the olive trees stop, but it sounds like a holiday in North Italy would be best. I know south best (lots of olive trees obviously) but I also love lombardia both for culture and food and I’m keen to explore Trentino More too. I do hope you are able to arrange your trip, all the very best to you both Rx

      • Beverly Phelps

        Thank you so much! I made the parsley soup with your recipe and it was wonderful. Even my husband who is not much for soups, loved it!

  97. Hello Rachael. Nice to see that you’re following me on Twitter. I’ve tried a Mark Hix recipe for pizza bianco but all it consisted of was red onions, 150g of talaggio and a sprinkling of rosemary pines. I’m afraid it was a grim. bare old pizza! The recipe was for 2 pizzas but it barely covered one! Any ideas? Could you give us a few pointers? Best wishes
    Charles Davison Holt. Norfolk

    • rachel

      Hi Charles, I am a pizza novice. I do have a recipe for bianca (called the slow rise) which may sound boring but is my favorite. I promise more pizza once I finish the book xox

  98. I can’t believe it Rachel! I’ve looked at your recipes and you don’t have one for a pizza base or for pizza!

  99. I can’t wait to get a copy of your book to sit along side Georgio Lacotteli’s. Will you be doing any signed copies? Your great fan.

  100. Christine

    Hi Rachel, I think i contacted you a couple of years ago…something about also having a son named Luca (and others) Anyhoo…I have enjoyed following your blog and infatti as I write have both fruit and beans soaking to make latest two recipes. I noticed in your pic that the olive oil is from Salvagno. Now if I walk out my gate and turn right,I can be there in about…oh…50 steps!
    Congrats for your book deal!
    Ciao from Verona (actually Nesente…see Salvagno label)

    • rachel

      Hi There Christine and yes I remember your Luca and others. Thank you so much and thank you too for playing a part in all this, comments and community were fundamental in the blog, which is now a book (although I have been so deep in the edit, I can’t wait to see the back of it for a while, or until it is published at least). Lucky you to live near the source of such wonderful olive oil…….That picture was taken in England by the way. Hope the saoking went well and thank you again, very best Rx

  101. Wow living in Rome – I am very envious and I moved from England to Sydney 7 years ago this week. I have two Italian sons too – my doggies Enzo and Vespa (named so because of my love of all things Italian)….

  102. News Alert
    I’m absolutely thrilled to have discovered that Rachel is going to feature in the Guardian’s Cook magazine in the UK for the next three weeks. So all you UK fans of Racheleats buy the Guardian on Saturday and get even more of our lovely entertaining, funny Racheleats! Well done Rachel!!!!

  103. It’s doublely nice for us Rachel because Mina Holland is the daughter of my wife’s cousin Caroline Holland! 🙂

  104. Hi, I have been following your blog for 2 years now and just wanted to let you know that it reminds me of happy days cooking an working in Italy. I do very much enjoy your way of appreciating simple meals and traditions and like your writing. Thank You!

  105. Hi Rachel, how lovely to find your blog again. I was a regular reader (although comment shy) back in 2009/10/11ish but then various things changed and in the chaos I must have *forgotten* about your blog – sorry! Some years later, Lucy features you in a post, and I see that you now have a book and an actual boy (I vaguely recall the pregnancy announcement). So pleased to have rediscovered you and to have three years worth of posts to catch up on. All the best with the book!

    • rachel

      Hello there and what a lovely comment to find, a perfectly trimmed one at that as I too am revisiting blogs I had lost touch with. It is rather like meeting an old friend isn’t it. I have finished writing the book and now we have a year of production. all very best to you Rach xx

  106. For more interesting facts about Roman cuisine can also visit the blog you are performing a young classical scholar and is very interesting. I leave the address: http://gastronomiaromaantigua.blogspot.com.es/2014/12/un-gran-reserva.html?m=1
    Give it a try!

  107. I’m just loving your blog, it’s so well written, interesting, and best of all, not that awful chatty tone that in my opinion makes most blogs unreadable. I go to Rome during my off season; as a landscaper can only travel in winter so for the last 5 years I exchange an apt, in Testaccio in January amd February. I stumbled on Testaccio, a real neighborhood.
    Especially liked your detailed report of the “square.” looking forward to seeing it all completed when i come again this February.

  108. Che bello leggere di Roma e ricette italiane in inglese! Riassaporo bontà e rivivo luoghi con un gusto tutto nuovo. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  109. Thats a beautiful and inspiring blog and I’m glad I found it!

  110. mi jin kim

    Hi ! nice to meet you .
    I’m korean . I’m in south korea.
    I saw curious ingredients in your instagram.
    It looked like a potato but it didn’t.
    Can u recognize this?
    Would u please let me know since it seemed to be disappear in your insta and I couldn’t find it in google.
    Thank you!

  111. toffolid

    Hi Rachel,
    The passion for Italian food pushed me the create a site in the UK called http://italianfooddistribution.co.uk/ in which selling Italian food but also sharing recipes or funny Italian Adverts (here a Loacker example http://italianfooddistribution.co.uk/product/quadratini-loacker-online/).

    I would be pleased to share your recipes on my site if you don’t mind 😉

  112. Who could have imagined when you started your blog that you would become a published author and a regular Guardian columnist? Get you!
    When are you delivering your book to me in North Norfolk? To see your rooms go to Glaven Meadow Guesthouse. You three are our guests. No fee!

    • rachel

      Dear Charles, thank you so much for your support over the last few years, it is thanks to you and other oral readers that all this has happened. I would love to come and visit you all, once I am back in The UK lets plan xo

  113. Just thought you’d like to know I wrote a post about your book: which I’m loving reading and using. Do let me know if you’re ever near North Yorkshire. I wonder if you’re still in England?

    • rachel

      I have just read it, thank you so much, I am touched and have left you a comment. Rxox

      • Mark

        Rachel, I’m thinking you didn’t get my email. I was saying how much I admired “Rachel Eats” and that I’m looking forward to buying your book in America. And what a cute little Batman you have. Please keep inspiring us. Mark.

      • rachel

        Hello Mark, and no I didn’t, unless of course I have missed something. I am so sorry for this. thank you so much, It makes me very happy to know you enjoy reading and thank you in advance for supporting the book. I am in sicily at the moment, which is a whole new world of food and culture. thanks again, very warm wishes Rach x

  114. You’re very welcome. Thanks for you reply. Mark Florio

  115. cecilia

    Carissima Rachel, just one word: GRAZIE!
    I am Italian but currently living in Germany and entering your kitchen makes me feel at home. So thanks, thanks a lot!
    Germans are nice, efficient, organized.They have a lot of qualities but let’s face it… cooking is not on top of the list . And I don’t mean preparing something which tastes good. Everybody can do that (especially with a lot of butter and dressings as they do…). I am talking about food culture here, using the right combination of tastes and smells and colours… From what I saw you are doing just great and I even feel I might have something to learn from you. So keep going this way and I follow you!

  116. hi Rachel, I stumbled across your Chou Farci recipe as i was searching for a recipe to put on my website – i serve hungry North Londoners locally produced food and my french wife makes Chou Farci – i was looking for a simple recipe to use as a recipe box to offer to my customers – you write of a simple one, and have some lovely pictures to accompany it – might i be able to use them to illustrate the product? happy to give you a voucher to use my service, if you want to as a thank you – let me know either way!

    • rachel

      Hello Robert, you are most welcome to use my recipe and pictures, I only ask that you make a note of the source. Thank you for asking by the way, most people don’t, very best wishes Rachel

  117. I am glad I came across your blog! I am trying to improve my cooking and photography skills so I love finding a great website that inspires. I am in Texas and love that you are living in Rome! I went there for the first time last Christmas with my daughter and fell in love with the city, with all of Italy really! I told my husband we must go for our 30th anniversary. I have 3 years to save!!! Thanks again for inspiring me and I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  118. sternsteven

    Dear Rachel
    I realised how you have grown in importance in my culinary cardre when in thinking about making ravioli I next thought I wonder what Rachel’s written about this! Sadly it’s an article waiting to be written….

    I enjoy your posts enormously. My current personal experience of small children in the kitchen revolves around my grandchildren only the eldest of whom is of an age (3) to get her hands dirty.

    I want to congratulate you on the gig with the Guardian – absolutely deserved. It seems curmudgeonly to say I miss the intimacy of having the articles solely on the blog and being able to point people to your writing but that caché for me doesn’t pay your bills.

    seasons greetings to you and yours and thanks for the pleasure you have given

    dr steve stern

    ps the google mail address above bounces

  119. Hi Rachel

    I stumbled across your blog and became so engrossed in it that I cannot remember what it was I was looking for in the first place! Anyway, I’m sure it had something to do with tomatoes even though I am making Rabo de Torro today.

    I enjoyed the read.

    Cheers from sunny Andalucía.


  120. Hi!
    I know not everybody does awards, but I just wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for the spirit animal blogger award. Your blog is wonderful and I love reading it!

    You can find the link here:


  121. I love your comments on Alan Rickman. Just beautiful. Thank you. Losing so many heroes. Rickman, Bowie, and so many innocents being murdered, Paris, Jakarta. Amidst so much sadness and badness thank heavens for your graceful, funny, touching take on wonderfully comforting food and life. Thank you. And thank you SO much for signing your book for me. Big thrill. Thank you

  122. Dear Rachel, as you know I have just plowed through your book and loved it! Tonight we made the cod with tomato, onion, pine-nuts and raisins using fresh cod because we have the best fish guy here! It was delicious! Made a spinach, orange salad to start and loads of bread to mop up the sauce from the fish! Thanks…have never cooked fish this way and you prompted us to give it a burst (perhaps because we are missing Rome so much)….or it sounded so damned good!

  123. Very nice blog. Thank you.


  124. Gloria Dugger

    My twin granddaughters, college juniors, gave me “My Kitchen In Rome” for my 75th birthday on this past September 23rd. Knowing my passion for cooking and my equal passion for Italy, they felt confident this would be well received and, you know what? They were 100% correct! I began reading it the next day and am reading it slowly, like a great novel. It is superb and I wish I could give a big ol’ Southern hug to the author. I grew up in a poor household and my Mama did not like to cook and could only afford the basic foods for the four of us…but she could make the world’s best fried chicken, potato salad, and Southern
    handmade biscuits. As a result, I suppose, I adore cooking foods from the world over but my very favorites are Southern USA, and Italy. I have perhaps 200 cookbooks but My Kitchen In Rome is up there at the top of the list with a few others, none of whom read as interestingly as Rachel Roddy’s. My heartfelt thanks…you have made an old woman ecstatically happy.

    • rachel

      Dear Gloria,

      Thank you for this lovely and generous message, it gives me great pleasure to know you are enjoying the Book and I love the thought of a big ol southern hug. Happy cooking to you. All the best to you and your family, esp the twins, warm wishes Rach x

  125. Just saying hello because I love your Guardian column and you make Rome seem so accessible. I live in Turkey, so I can share your enthusiasm that the seasons are so defined (though it can get frustrating when beans and cabbage are the only option for weeks?) I particularly love your recipes for veggies, as ours are so similar, and meat similarly precious (and expensive!). Looking forward to your next column.

  126. Sara Kirby

    Hi Rachel
    I think you write beautifully, and I especially loved Fires and Lentils at Midnight in the Guardian. I am cooking your lentil recipe right now, no sausage for me but with some chorizo piccante for my son. Thank you! Sara

  127. Luca

    Hello Rachel. I have a question regarding your slow rise pizza recipe. Would it be ok to ask you for some advice? I have posted my question on the relevant page. Thank you. Kind regards, Luca

    • rachel

      Hi Luca – yes please do…..do you mind asking again as I can’t seem to find the comment. Best

      • Luca

        Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I see that I could have been more precise as to where I was referring to. I meant your pizza bianca recipe blog page called ‘the slow rise’. As a child, my grandmother, who lived in Trastevere, used to get up early and buy us pizza bianca for our breakfast. Many years later, I’m thinking of opening a pizza al taglio one day, pretty much on the basis of that memory. So I’ve been playing around and Bonci’s recipe brings the flavour I’m looking for. The one thing is that it’s quite ‘tall’. The one in your photos is much thinner, and more like I remember it. (Another inspiration is the Forno at Campo de Fiori, also a thinner version as I’m sure you know.) You mention using Bonci’s recipe. How did the pizza turn out so thin?
        While I’m at it. Have you made pizza rossa like they sell in the shops? If so, just tomatoes, salt and olive oil? Just curious 🙂 Again, Bonci’s is spot on, it’s just quite tall.
        I can hardly read your blog! I miss Rome very much, I’d move there in a heartbeat…as yet I haven’t thought of what I could do there work wise!
        Beautiful blog, Rachel. It really catches so much of the unique and magical air of Rome.

  128. Mmmm, just stayed with a friend, who cooked me your chicken with lemon and potatoes – absoutely delicious (I am sure it tasted even better because we scrumped the rosemary sprigs from the garden of her very ‘corporate’ landlords as we were passing). It was on my ‘list of things to cook when I’ve stopped being on a diet(!)’, so she must be psychic. I was just wondering if you had any plans for any more day courses at Otter Farm this year? My friend lives a few miles from Honiton, so it would be rude not to attend if you are going to be there… I am just devouring Five Quarters, which found its way into my Christmas stocking c/o hubby, and am really enjoying the stories as much as the food. Looking forward to the next story.

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